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Variation #3, of 7. Please note the decreases in the selvedges if you are going to try this one out.

The yarn is from a small mill in New Brunswick, Canada which has been in operation since 1857 . It's a rustic single ply and comes in a large variety of solid and heathered colors. I have a particular fondness for this yarn as I was able to tour the mill in 2003, part of a great trip to Newfoundland with my kid.

Yarns of this type are getting increasingly hard to find, as next-to-the-skin softness has become the gold standard for a lot of knitters. B&L Sport is lightly processed (does have VM [vegetable matter, ie, tiny bits of hay]). I like it for colorwork, shawls, and outerwear.

Yarn: Briggs and Little Sport, Rose. Single ply wool.

Needle: 4.5mm (US 7)

Swatch size: 30 sts, 36 rows.

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