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sketching with yarn

I've been working with variations of a single stitch pattern, testing how they flow from small to large. They are all modifications of the traditional "Print o' the Wave" lace. This first is a sketch for a rectangular shawl. I really have to call it a sketch at this point, because I have to go through the process of knitting it, then refining the finished design before doing a final test knit. THEN the pattern will go out to test knitters and finally, sometime down the weeks or months an actual pattern will be published.

In this case, I'm going to make the delineating "V" into a 3 stitch band, and work a teeny cable or wrapped stitch into it.

You may notice that this is the same stitch I've used in the design mockup for a segmented circular shawl in a previous post (July 30). It's also the basis for the next sketch on the needles.

The yarn is a very vintage coned wool—I think it's from the 1950's. It's a tightly twisted single ply tweed in a glorious golden maple leaf color. The high twist adds a lot of texture. Love, love, love.

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