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I was looking at Ravelry and noticing that during "wedding season", some knitters make multiple small shawls for their bridal party. It got me thinking, what if you could knit up two at the same time? If you were using a gradient yarn, they would be identical. All it would involve is working an 8-stitch steek, then when finished, securing the stitches, cutting the steek, and working an edging or bias binding over the sewn steek. Finish by continuing on with the outside edging.

The advantage, at least for me, is speed. Purling wrong side rows is tedious and takes me longer than flying through a circular project where alternate rows are knit plain.

The pattern would not have to be a circular or hex/octagonal shape. You could also do this by provisionally casting on something like 30 stitches (x 2) and working a center-open poncho shape, resulting in a crescent shape. You could easily knit 2-at-a-time triangle shawls (with no purling!!) using this method.

Most knitters fear the cut-and-sew methods on their handknits, but it's a very common machine knitting practice for necklines. I wouldn't necessarily do this with a silk or tencel knit, but any other fiber would work fine.

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